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Stephen Kohlhase's Chronicle

Gas Pipeline Syndrome (GPSh)
A Chronicle of Research and Experiences- Unravelling the Hum
It is Said, If You Can’t See It, You Can’t Beat It. So, This Is the Way, I See It!

Stephen Kohlhase
January 2023

In memory of our dog Madaket who suffered immensely

An Overview and Introduction to Gas Pipeline Syndrome

Excerpt / Foreword from the Chronicle

This dissertation is a comprehensive chronicle of my learnings, thoughts and conclusions from my research about Gas Pipeline Syndrome, of which one of its components is The Hum and I suspect most of “My”observations most will relate too. And the positions expressed will appear to be very stark for some, but without a position there will never be an argument that raises the level of need for an unbiased investigation by the government or academia. There are far too many conversations which divert away from getting a critical mass of thinkers to get this problem accepted as a serious matter. This paper compiles the research and efforts needed to achieve a substantive reason for action. This work may redefine many unexplained problems rapidly escalating in our modern-day world. This work warrants further research and investigation at the highest levels! I have strived to avoid confirmation bias of the facts and the theory. This is why I insist an investigation by academia and the industry is required to confirm everything presented herein.

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Chronicle - The way I see it
The learnings, thoughts and conclusions from Stephen Kohlhase's research about Gas Pipeline Syndrome.
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