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Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise generated by high pressure natural gas pipelines and infrastructure.

Characteristics of  "The Hum"

1) Sleep disturbances - being awakened or kept awake at night between midnight and 4 am
2) hearing a noise that sounds like a Hum or a diesel engine off in the distance
3) a low frequency pulsation or Hum for which the source cannot be located
4) a low frequency Hum or pulsation that you can hear but others in your area cannot
5) anxiety and health problems caused by this Hum
6) an unwillingness by local Authorities to assist in locating the source of this low frequency pulsation

For decades this unexplained low frequency noise has been referred to as The Hum. In many cases it has been wrongly identified as some type of natural phenomenon when in fact it is industrial noise pollution.

It has had an adverse effect on many people and even reportedly driven some to commit suicide.

At the moment low frequency noise and infrasound generated by industrial noise polluters are blanketing many parts of the world. Government and Industry are choosing to ignore the problem.

Instead of acknowledging the problem of low frequency noise, the Alberta Government is choosing to pretend it isn't happening.

This is a 3D analysis of a simple wave file recorded at 3:45 am in the Nevis Alberta area. It is an analysis of a raw .wav File recorded witha Zoom H4n Pro digital recorder The image is a feature included in Wavelab LE Software called 3D Analysis.

As you can see it clearly indicates the presence of a low frequency noise between 20 - 57 HZ

Oil and Gas infrastructure in Alberta is exempt from municipal legislation including noise. The Laws and bylaws of the County or City do not apply to Oil and Gas.

Alberta Energy Regulator oversees all legislation, investigation and compliance related to Oil and Gas in Alberta.

Low-frequency noise complaints where there is no conclusive evidence are simply closed. Noise complaints in Alberta must be directed at a specific location. Noise complaints that address an unknown noise in a general area or locality are not investigated.
 Alberta provincial Ministers and MLAs do not respond to low-frequency noise complaints. All low-frequency noise complaints are referred to the Alberta Energy Regulator
 Low-frequency noise complaints in Alberta are directed to the Alberta Energy Regulator which employs a "play dumb" strategy when dealing with low-frequency noise complaints and does not objectively investigate complaints. After a cursory investigation of a low-frequency noise complaint, AER will advise the complainant that the investigators don't hear anything and the File or case will be closed.
 AER cannot measure or detect low-frequency noise and there are no known examples of AER employees who are included in 2-4% of the population who can hear low-frequency noise. Before closing the complaint I made to AER, Justin Krisco, the investigator said, "I'm sure you're hearing something but we just don't know what it is"

Alberta Canada is blanketed with pipelines and pipeline compressors. These pipelines and compressors are part of a vast network that begins in northern Alberta and British Columbia and extends to eastern Canada and the Atlantic coast of the United States. Additionally there are local transmission and distribution systems that are prolific and it is almost impossible for the average person to understand the magnitude of these systems. There are tens of thousands of miles of buried natural gas pipeline in North America. In fact there are few other industries with a presence as large as the natural gas industry on planet earth right now and it is growing exponentialy.

The Hum in Canada and the United States is widespread and there is every reason to believe that a substantial portion is being generated by natural gas compressors and high pressure pipelines As a result residents of almost every State and Province are being unknowingly subjected to infrasound and low frequency noise. Social media is rife with people complianing of sleep disturbances and most often the circumstances are to close my own personal experience to be a co-incidence. These reports are coming from the US, Canada, Britain, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and more.

In the United States, FERC oversees the transportation of natural gas. FERC's reputation for handling noise complaints against gas piplines and compression facilities is abysmal and often results in little if any action being taken.

As of March 2024 this condition still exists in Alberta and many other parts of the world. The Alberta Government has been made aware of this situation and chooses to do nothing. The Industry continues to hide behind a lack of legislation that makes it impossible for complaints to surface and be heard. Mainstream media are also afraid to tell the truth about how "Big Oil" and Fossil Fuel producers are doing harm to most often unknowing members of the general population.

If you have doubts about what harm long term exposure to low frequency noise can do to Humans please do your own research. The is a growing body of evidence that leaves absolutely no doubt about the negative effects of  low frequency noise on the human body. These affects may not be limited to the small percentage of people who can actually sense and hear low frequency noise.

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