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I found this on the Alberta Hum Group page. I have been in contact with the aurthor before. For the UCP Government, the Petroleum Industry and AER it is a shameful commentary. I have obscured the original poster's name but if you read the text he is accurately describing the ILFN here in Alberta

Update March 23/ 2024 - Low frequency noise levels in the Nevis, Alberta area have been somewhat more tolerable through the first three weeks of March. Unseasonably warm weather and very low natural gas prices are probably playing a role. Low frequency noise has been sporadic and less predictable with the exception of night time "Line packing" Daytime low frequency noise is periodic and at times loud. Night time levels have been managable with masking. The Government, Regulators and the Industry continues to maintain "status quo" with no formal acknowledgement that there is a problem.  Reports of low frequency noise are still coming in particularly in areas in the U.S. where coal to natural gas Power Station conversions have occured recently.

This is an article that surfaced recently that what published last November. It speaks to the state of affirs with Industry Regulatiors and Government.

Monitoring of natural gas compressor stations underestimates risks to nearby commmunities
2 November 2023

Update - February 20/ 2024 - Natural Gas Pipeline flutter in the Nevis Alberta area of the long weekend has been relentless. Strong pulsations have been around the clock for the past three days. Getting more than a few hours sleep is not possible even with masking. It would seem that the "Stewards of the Environment" also known as the Petroleum industry are once again very selective about doing thier part to take care of mother earth and her inhabitants.

Update - February 16/ 2024 - The Hum continues in the Nevis Alberta area Pulsations begin between 4 am and 6 am 7 days a week. There is a "quiet time" intermitantly between 4 pm and 4 am but it is unpredictable. Early morning pulsations start softly in the wee hours of the morning and by 8 am they are strong and impossible to ignore. Masking is effective until about 6:30 am at which point the strength of the pulsation overwhelms the masking noise.

I have had no contact from anyone else who is affected by the Hum. I have been considering doing a full stop on the information presented here and removing this Site from the internet permanently. This Website is getting about 650 unique visitors per month. Additionally I visted the one Reddit topic I belong to on the subject of the Hum and it would appear that many people are still being affected. - https://www.reddit.com/r/TheHum/

One other thing I did notice while I was visiting the Reddit sub on the Hum is that it looks like Glen McPherson is going to be updating his Hum Database and Map.


The Database and Map certainly go a long way in showing that most of the people who haer the Hum are within 25 miles of a natural gas pipeline. Sad to say that McPherson continues to ignore facts and his map and Database do little to offer any tangible explanation for the Hum. I have written about this subject and you can read it for yourself right here -

For me personally this December marks five years of being subjected to low frequency sound waves against my will will no recognition or acknowledgement that this problem even exists.

At this point I can't help but think back to the idotic statement made by an AER Employee named Justin who investigated my initial complaint of pipeline flutter. In his words "I'm sure you're hearing something but we just don't know what it is ?"

Is the Hum responsible for the high incidence of Multiple Sclerosis in Alberta? Can it trigger ALS or any of the other horrific diseases that Albertans are diagnosed with each and every day? At this point we cannot say for sure that it does but after decades of ignorance and subjecting the unwitting residents of this province to ILFN while the Government, Industry and Regulators blatantly lie and deny the truth, we simply cannot say that it doesn't. For anyone with a diagnosis of MS or anyone who has lost a friend or family member to this horrible disease, the price of continued ignorance is far to high.

Natural Gas is Alberta's bread and Butter and we need to invest in the Technology (silencers) to reduce and control ILFN. We need to become a world leader in understanding ILFN and that means we need to excel at detecting and measuring both exposure and the effects. This is a responsibilty and not an act of charity. There is no degree of acceptable loss or cost of doing business when it comes to the health safety and welfare of the residents of Alberta. No more paying dumb and sweeping the issue of ILFN under the rug. Even one life lost is too much. The time to act is now.

The Alberta Government and the Industry at large are aware of this situation and are also aware that it is causing significant harm to a percentage of Albertans. Despite being made aware that people are being exposed to a significant health risk and in fact suffering a form of physical and mental harm, they are still denying any knowledge and failing to act in the best interest of Albertans at large. There is no way to determine what health impact this is having as long as both Government continue to pretend that this is not happening.

One does not need to be highly educated to consider and understand how having every cell in your body vibrated by low frequency noise for extended periods of time may in fact have significant negative effects on human health. When you consider that little if any research has been conducted by industry or governement to determine the effects it is somewhat concerning. Arriving at the conclusion that the collective health of all Albertans including ecosystems and other life forms in unafffected without investing in the neccesary "crash test Dummies" so to speak is irresponsible to say the least.

The most recent development in the investigation on the subject of Infrasound and low frequncy noise generation by natural gas infrastructure is an admission in black and white that the Hum is real. The information has been inadvertantly revealed to the public at large on a Website that originates in the UK. The Website belongs to an industry servive provider that delivers silencing solutions for natural gas infrastructure. The documents descibes "Flutter and Hum" and details the cause with an accurate description of the Hum. You can read and download a copy of this document at https://www.fireforged.ca/the-evidence/

The Hum originates from poorly designed and operated natural gas compressors and pipelines. In Alberta, "Oil and Gas Infrastructure is required to pass an initial Noise Impact Assesment" when it is first established and recieves a "green light" to perate in perpetuity. Few other mechanical systems on earth are permitted to operate under this arrangement. The fact that this situation is allowed to continue supports the suggestion that Government and Industry are coherts in what I consider to be crimes against humanity and an absolute dereliction of duty in protecting our environment.

Infrasound and low freqeuncy noise is known to have adverse affects of humans. This situation is allowed to continue by the Alberta UCP Governement and perpetuated by "Big Oil" which is an industry that is notorious for having little or no respect for the people and ecosystems that are adversely affected by Infrasound and low frequency noise.

Publishing false and misleading propaganda about how "Big Oil" and the natural gas industry respects the people and the environement is commonplace. The intention is to convince or "snow over" the general public into believing that these are good people when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. In the process of developing resources owned by the citizens these corporate entities routinely engage in ruthless and destructive practices that have deveastating effects on people and on ecosystems. The two main drivers are greed and ignorance.

When faced with complaints and problems they simply choose to play dumb and are assisted by Governments who are paid royalties for energy development. The singular objective of these Corporations is to benefit financially. Any moral dilemas raised by destroying the lives of ordinary people are brushed aside in the name of greed and energy security.


Many areas across the Globe are inundated with high pressure natural gas pipelines and it comes as no surprise that there are other innocentpeople who are deeply affected by low frequncy noise and infrasound. One such example is "The Windsor Hum" Despite having been investigated by two Canadian Universities, both who ended up with inconclusive results that pointed to the now "shuttered" US Steel Plant on Zug Island the Winsodr Hum continues to this day. The Windsor/ Detriot area is in fact inundated with underground natural gas storage, pipelines and compression infrastructure.

I have been in touch with the people affected and they report exactly what you would expect in terms of meaningful resolution. "Gaslighting" by everyone and anyone tasked with investigating the complaint, health issues that range from extreme sleep deprivation to serious health issues and more. As a fellow survivor my heart goes out to all of these people. If I can do anything to help please get in touch and I can share what I know on how to fight back aagainst the effects of the Hum.

Healthy sleep is a basic need for most lifeforms on earth and Humans certainly require a certain amount of uninteruptted sleep. Big Oil and the natural gas producers and transporters obviously have no concept of this and certainly no respect for this idea in general despite all of the wonderful policy statements they showcase in various forms of media.

Linepacking in the wee hours of the morning with equipment and infrastructure that very cleary emits infrasound and low freqeuncy noise is unacceptable. Operating equipment that subjects large numbers of the general popualtion the harmful low freqeuncy soundwaves and infrasound that are known to cause health problems should not be an option and yet this is exactly what is happening.

Becuase the particular type of harmful noise pollution that is being emitted is much like radiation and cannot be seen, felt of heard by most people the perpetrators of this crime against humanity are acting as if they are doing nothing wrong. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. Governments and Regulatory Bodies who benefit financially contribute by doing nothing when in fact they should be making every effort to protect the public from immeasurable harm.

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