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As of September 3 2022 - Myself and most people living in central Alberta are being bombarded by low frequency noise for the majority of any given 24 hour period. After only a few weeks of almost imperceptable noise levels in early July, the compression equipment that is generating the Hum in my area has been operating very predictably. Nightly awakenings and strong low frequncy pulsations are taking a significant toll on me personally with tinnitus flares ups, headaches and irritabilty.


- the Hum is alive and well in central Alberta with only occasional periods of quiet towards the end of the day after the compression satisfies daily gas nominations. Nightly "Line packing" is starting around 11 pm and low frequency noise levels peak between 2 am and 4 am and remain steady until late afternoon/evening.


- after an extremely long period of very warm weather in many parts of North Americathe price of natural gas has dropped back a bit from record hig prices and is currently sitting at about $8.90 Demand for electricity to run air conditioning in hot weather and LNG export demand are the biggest factors in high prices.

- the war in the Ukraine and dependence on natural gas supplies from Russia has most of Europe scrambling to secure reliable energy sources. In the ensuing panic western suppiers of natural gas are capitalizing on the tragedy in the Ukraine in the form of  expanding liquid natural gas export capability to Europe. Efforts to reduce carbon emmisions have largely been tossed aside at this point.


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