Health risks of being affected by the Hum and low freqeuncy noise

Should you be worried about infrasound and low frequency noise?


Regional variations in the prevalence rates of multiple sclerosis in the province of Alberta, Canada - "The prevalence rate for Alberta is among the highest reported in the world indicating that the province appears to be an excess risk area relative to other global locations."

There are many people who's lives are and have been devastated by the incessant pulsation of the Hum. The evidence is substantial , overwhelming and undeniable.

Long term exposure to ILFN can result in serious health issues.

Mariana Alves Pereira. She is an expert with 30+ years of experience researching ILFN. Her presention is strictly limited to a scientific explaination of ILFN and how it effects the human body and physical health of human life.

We propose that LFN be treated as x-rays, and thus human perception, i.e., annoyance, loudness, etc, are given the import of subjective measures.

Low Frequency Noise: A Major Risk Factor in Military Operation
Authored by Col. Nuno A.A. Castelo Branco, MD (PoAF, res.)Center for Human Performance
Excerpts - "In reality, long-term exposure to low frequency noise (<500 Hz, including infrasound) (LFN) can be quite detrimental to one's health."
"We propose that LFNbe treated as x-rays, and thus human perception, i.e., annoyance, loudness, etc, are given theimport of subjective measures."
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Reference # of  Paper: Invited Lecture # 3 Discusser's Name: Dr. D. G. Zimcik

Author's Name: Col. Nuno A. A. Castelo Branco, MD
Question: Results presented on the human effect of low frequency noise (LFN) are startling and seem to be missed by current standards for acceptable noise used in many countries.
What changes are planned or underway in regulations to includethese effects?
Answer: As far as we know, no changes to current legislation are planned or underway with two exceptions:
Puerto Rico, where a Jan 2001 law limits the emission of LFN;
and Mozambique, where preparations for a new law includes LFN.
Permissible exposure levels for LFN, the necessary recovery times for each type of exposure period, and dose-response data are unknown. These are necessary for human exposure legislation. Individual susceptibility indicators are under study by our group: but, as yet, there is insufficient data


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